Aloha Surf Camp Nias

Experience the legendary waves of Nias and relax in style at Aloha Surf Camp

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Aloha Surf Camp (Nias Land)

Aloha Loseman is situated on the top of the point at Lagundri Bay offering a first class view of the freight train wave “Indicators” and a unique backdoor perspective of the fabled right hander that practically places you in the barrel on each and every take-off. Surfing, fishing and diving are all only 100 meters from your doorstep!

Aloha Surf Camp is family owned and operated by local surfer Bunga. His expert knowledge of waves and conditions, combined with his commitment to providing the ultimate surf experience always puts his guests in the prime position to score surf.

Bunga and his family are experienced in providing a pleasurable stay. They’ll give all the help you need to make your adventurable memorable.


Contact Information & Reservations

For general inquiries about Aloha Surf Camp Nias including availability and booking, please contact: 

Indonesia: Taunoi “Bunga” Wau

U.S.: Marin

Hawaii: Tom